Timur Aktaev

Founder & Designer “NB!” and “Common Things”

Tim is specialist in interior and industrial design, he researches branding and urbanism. Also he consults companies and individuals in all these areas. Since 2011 mark NB! mark produces notebooks and accessories in leather with a lifetime warranty and Common Things brand makes furniture, lamps and other goods from wood, metals, glass and etc. In my work I strive to the roots — the source of the problem and the own nature of things. Understanding the nature of things of any mechanism or system clould set and tune. And often the result is something intelligible and simple.


phone in Kazakhstan: +7 777 012 7118
Email: timaktaev@ya.ru
Web and portfolio: www.timaktaev.com
NB!: www.nbshop.com
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“Everything is followed its nature.
If designer cognizes the essence of issue he will be able
to solve every question, work with everything.”