Kazakh Design Collective established in 2016.

Anastasia Leonova, Aziz Abdulmazhitov, Galym Kairalapov and Timur Aktaev

Comprising of four independent designers from Almaty who in October 2015 participated in a master-class organised by The British Council, the British Design Days conducted by well-known British designer Gareth Neal.  As a result of the master-class the four designers decided to join under the one brand name A1462.

A1462’s Mission
There is no visual image of Kazakstan in the world of Design, A1462’s mission is to change this by building a good representation and understanding of Kazakh design through their efforts to create a local design identity.

What interests this new generation of designers is the ecology of the design system; what can be sourced locally and how the design sector can grow by working with suppliers and manufacturers in order to create internationally viable products. Their approach to design is to create a collection that uses modern technology in conjunction with the traditional crafts and handmade technics of Kazakhstan.

In April 2015 they participated in their first international design exhibition at Salone Satellite in Milan, where they were the first designers to present designs and craftsmanship of Kazakhstan. The theme of their Milan presentation was to introduce the international design industry to the vision of modern day life of Kazakh citizens.

This September they will continue their mission by introducing the designers and their country to London during the London Design Festival, where they will be exhibiting their latest designs at Tent London 2016 at the London Design Fair.


What is А1462?

Are the words «numerology acronym» sounds familiar?
    Aziz Abdulmazhitov

    Estabilished own studio ArtGuild in 2012, Make a wood furniture and acessories, also use metals, plastics and leather. Aziz is interior designer.

    Aziz Abdulmazhitov
    Designer. 1
    Galym Kairalapov

    Galym Kairalapov, Knocknock studio, is a product designer and maker. Galym creates lighting, wooden furniture and accessories.

    Galym Kairalapov
    Designer. 4

    Founder & Designer “FILO”. “Design is a life style existing in objects which surround us. Designer is the soul creator for these objects. Under the FILO produced lighting, furniture and home accessories. Lamps and other items differ sensuality and minimalism.

    Designer. 15, 1+5=6
    Timur Aktaev

    Founder & Designer “NB!” and Common Things brands. The first is produced leather sketchbooks and accessories in leather with a lifetime warranty. The second is the young woodcraft workshop, also work with felt, leather and other natural materials.

    Timur Aktaev
    Designer. 20, 2+0=2
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